Frequently Asked Questions

What is Streamkeys?

Streamkeys is a Chrome extension that will allow you to control online media players from anywhere on your computer using hotkeys that you define. Check out the sitelist to see a list of available sites and the guide for setup instructions.

What features does it support?

Streamkeys supports these music player features (where available): play, pause, next, previous, mute, like, dislike.

What browsers does it work on?

Currently Streamkeys is a Chrome extension only. If you would like it to be ported over to another browser contact me and if there is enough interest I'll see what I can do.

I just installed the extension and the hotkeys don't work?

Make sure that you have restarted any music player tabs that you previously had open before you installed the extension. Also make sure that the extension is enabled on the Chrome extension page (chrome://extensions in URL bar)

Why does Chrome say Streamkeys can "read and change all your data on websites you visit"?

To make the extension work we need to make use of the chrome.tabs API which gives extension's the power to monitor a user's browser behaviour. Streamkeys does not do this! Check out the source code if you are interested.

Why do my iTunes/Windows Media Player/etc media keys not work after I install this extension?

This is unfortunately a limitation with how Chrome currently handles global hotkeys. As soon as a global hotkey is set it will hijack that hotkey (as long as Chrome remains open). There are a couple of possible solutions:

1. Disable Streamkeys when you are not using it/using desktop apps that require the media keys. This will free up the media keys as long as it remains disabled.

2. Change the hotkeys to something else. If you change the hotkeys to something other than the media keys, the media keys will be freed up for other apps to use.As an example, I currently use Cmd+Shift+2 to play/pause (on mac).

To change all these settings go to the Chrome extension page (chrome://extensions in the URL bar).

Why do the media keys not work on my Microsoft keyboard?

There are reports of a Chrome bug with some version of Microsoft keyboards. The solution is to uninstall "Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center" software and drivers. Read this thread for more info.

Can you add support for a new streaming site?

Probably! You can submit a request using the form found and the bottom of this page.

Can I change the hotkeys?

Yes. You can change all of the hotkeys on the Chrome extension's page. See the guide here for more information.

Why are my new hotkeys not working?

It is possible that you have set the hotkeys to ones that are already reserved by Chrome. For example, on Mac the hotkey Command + Y is already reserved by chrome to open the history panel and so it cannot be used by extensions. Make sure that the hotkeys you are trying to use are not already Chrome defaults.

Why do my hotkeys only work inside Chrome?

Make sure that inside the keyboard shortcuts popup your keys are set to "Global" and not "In Chrome".

I am trying to set a new hotkey in the keyboard shortcuts popup. Why will it not let me set a hotkey combination?

You are probably trying to set a hotkey that is not valid. All hotkey combinations must include either Ctrl (Command on Macs) OR Alt, but NOT both. The list of supported keys are: A-Z, 0-9, Comma, Period, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Insert, Delete, Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) and the Media Keys (MediaNextTrack, MediaPlayPause, MediaPrevTrack, MediaStop). Read the official Chrome documentation here for more information.

Is your favorite site still missing?

Get in touch and we'll add it.

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