Setup Guide


All hotkeys can be changed. Simply go to the chrome extensions tab (get there by either entering "chrome://extensions" in the URL bar or from Chrome menu -> tools -> extensions). At the bottom there is a button for "Keboard Shortcuts" where you can change the hotkeys to those of your choosing. In this menu you can also set the hotkeys to be global across either Chrome or your system.

Step 1

1. Go to extensions page.

Step 2

2. Click keyboard shortcuts.

Step 3

3. Set new shortcuts.

Popup Window

Once Streamkeys is installed you will see an "SK" icon in your browser window next to the URL bar (and any other extension icons that you may have installed). Clicking on this icon will open up the extension popup window. From the popup window you can enabled/disable support for each currently connected music site tab. To do this go to the site's settings pane by clicking on the "settings" icon next to the site name. Clicking on a site's favicon will also set the focus to that tab in the browser.

Step 1

1. Click the icon on the right to disable a tab

Step 2

2. Expand a site's popup menu to adjust that site's priority.

Site Priority

Site priority controls which sites are sent commands when a hotkey is pressed. All sites start at priority 1 by default. You can adjust a site's priority by either using the popup (when you have a tab of the site open) or using the options page. If a tab A is of a site with priority 1, and tab B is of a site with priority 5 and the play hotkey is pressed, only tab B will receive the play command. You can still control sites of any priority manually using the popup.

Site Alias

You can define a list of custom aliases for a site. An alias lets you define a domain hostname to match for a site. For example, say you are running a server at You could add the alias to and Streamkeys will work on any tab with a URL of You may only edit site aliases on the options page. Note: you must refresh the player tab you want to detect after an alias change


On the options page you can modifiy settings for individual sites. Users are able to modify a site's priority, aliases and enabled state. You can get to the options page from either the Chrome extensions tab (chrome://extensions) or from the Streamkeys popup window. You can read more details about the individual site settings on the options page.


To remove Streamkeys (or any other Chrome extension) go to the Chrome extensions tab (chrome://extensions) and click the trash icon next to the Streamkeys listing.

Default Hotkeys

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